• Brewing Since 2007
    Well from 2007 commercially that is, but
    founders of Ashover Brewery Kim Beresford
    and Roy Shorrock started with their passion
    for brewing and drinking quality ales as far
    back as the 70's.
    Inspired by Dave Line's book "Brewing Beers
    Like Those You Buy", Kim recalls that
    the first proper beer he brewed was Dave's
    take on Gibbs Mew - Bishop's Tipple.....
    Remember that?
  • With Malt, hops & Passion
    It's all about the beer and the beer is all
    about the ingredients.
    We never settle for anything less that the
    best, always brewing to a quality, never to
    a price.
    Although the most important ingredient is
    one that money cannot buy........

    Our passion!!
  • The Sweet Wort Cometh
    We started with a dream in the 70's and
    brewed from 2007 for eight years at
    Ashover, behind the Old Poets' Corner.

    In 2015, the passion still drives us on
    with Roy's daughter Janine heading
    the brewing team at our bigger brewery
    just up the road at Clay Cross. So you
    see the sweet wort still cometh........

    But now there's much more of it!

Apologies........ This page is still under construction.


Latest News

August 2, 2017

Job Opportunities

We are looking for a Manageer or couple to run our next great cask led pub for more details call or Kim Beresford on 01246 251859 or to send your cv via emailĀ click here

July, 2017

New fermenter at Clay X

More capacity needed to brew even more of our lovely beer. So our new fermenter and extra cask will help os to supply demand.

June, 2017

Emma Swan joins the team

For many years Emma was the landlady of The Famous Beehive pub at Harthill. Rotherham CAMRA Pub of the Year eight times. She joins our sales team and will be a great asset to Ashover Brewery.