Our Beers

Here at Ashover, we brew a broad range of beer styles and try to offer something to suit all tastes and preferences.

Core Beers

For those beer lovers who like to find their chosen tipple, stick with it and enjoy it on a regular basis, we offer a core range of products that are available all through the year. They will deliver consistency in flavour and condition and reprisent a range of style from the palest low strenghth session beer to full bodied dark stout.

Special Brews

So for the adventurous drinker we offer a range of cutting edge beers which are produced using the latest brewing tweeks, new flavour hops and adjuncts. Keep your eye on this section to see what's new for Ashover and you want to be in touch with the latest trend in the brew scene.

Seasonal Ales

As the title suggests, these ales are produced each year for a limited period only. Some are made to commemorate an annual event, others can only be offered when key ingredients come into season and inevitably this is for a limited period of time.